By McCormack Services

I started my career working for magazines such as Hospitals & Health Networks, McKnight’s Long-Term Care News and Health Data Management (where I served as managing editor for several years) – and now I put my knowledge of the healthcare industry to work for a variety of health IT companies, life sciences organizations and healthcare providers.

I’ve created a variety of healthcare content, focused on just about every topic out there including digital transformation, EHR implementation, genomics, FHIR (the hard stuff doesn’t scare me!), molecular diagnostics, personalized medicine, social determinants of health, sports injuries, surgical innovations, systems integration, social determinants of health, Y2K (yes, I was writing about health IT way back then!) – and so much more.

Being a writer by training (Master of Arts in Writing from DePaul University) and a storyteller by passion empowers me to bring that certain something extra to all content development engagements.